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'The Difference' - 2-person Show with Michael Smither (Oct 2022)

Quantifying the different stages of an artist’s career, or rating their achievements, is something often done in retrospect. For me personally, nothing has surpassed the honour of being chosen by MDS Smither for a two-person show in October 2022 focused on portraiture.


I met Michael around 2008 at Artrite Screen-printing studios in Onehunga, Auckland. Glenn Taylor (and his previous co-director Don Tee) offered me the chance to spend time in the factory with Michael. I can’t thank them enough for the valuable time spent learning about this process from an artist of Michael’s inimitableness. It’s helped make me a devoted screen-printer too.


Michael is both an authentic painter and screen-printer. His dedication to his craft and his skill impresses me greatly, but I value his sense of humour and no bullshit approach to making and selling art most of all. He is nothing but brave and that is inspiring to behold.


For this show, I’ve chosen to paint a group of musicians that I admire. A continuation of my ‘Sound Organised in Time’ series. These connect to Michael’s affinity and gifts with sound and music (something which is foreign to me).


I hope people who view this exhibition can appreciate the differences in our styles. But also understand that there is an admiration, from my perspective, towards this senior NZ artist who continues to leave a mark on our lives.


Finally, many thanks to Christine Rabarts Art Dealer who has been a steadfast supporter of my work for many years. This is something I also owe to Michael, after he introduced Christine to my work during my 1st solo show at Artrite Screen-printing’s Factory in 2015. Come along and witness ‘The Difference’!

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