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Never STOP Dreaming

"Celebrating the upcoming release of Star Wars Episode 7 (The Force Awakens) artist New Blood Pop (aka Brad Novak) has created a series of pop culture mashups based on everyone's favourite intergalactic royal. Princess Leia is a true hero - brave, smart, and a strong female character standing out in a traditionally male-dominated genre. A role model for both women and men alike - Never STOP Dreaming".

Limited edition 2-colour screen print on Italian Fabriano fine art paper (300gsm). Paper size is 350mm x 470mm.

Very limited number of ONLY 5 of 'each character/colour' created.


Characters in this series:
Princess Bowie (David)
Princess Spock (Leonard Nimoy)
Princess Bruce (Lee)
Princess Mr T (BA Baracus)

Princess Lincoln (President)

Princess Ali (Mohammed)

Princess Michael (Jackson)

Princess Wolverine (Jackman)


Colour variants:
1.1 - bright red
1.2 - gold
1.3 - bright green
1.4 - mint
1.5 - bright blue
1.6 - baby blue
1.7 - bright purple
1.8 - lavender
1.9 - hot pink
1.10 - baby pink
1.11 - dark grey
1.12 - light grey

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