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Limited Edition Screen Prints

A New Blood Pop screenprint is created by the artist himself in collaboration with screenprinting studios around the world. In New Zealand he works closely with the celebrated award winning screenprinting studio - Artrite Screenprinting Ltd (Onehunga, Auckland). For over 35 years they have produced beautiful collectible works that have stood the test of time.


Screenprinting is a fine artform in itself, requiring skill, craftsmanship, and a significant investment of time and money by the artist. It is for these reasons, and more, that Novak continues to favour this respected original printing process/medium over digital or 'giclee' printouts.


The following works are premium quality, crafted with love, and created as a TRUE limited edition (all made together then the screens are destroyed) - rather than printed to order like other claimed 'fine art editions' can be. Andy Warhol sure was on to something...

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