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Passionate study of the genesis of Pop Art, combined with respect for the gritty street art aesthetic, resulted in the development of Novak’s personal Urban Pop Art style. Layering is important, with the use of iconography reflecting what he loves, his influences, and what he's challenged by.

With Hybrid, Novak explores ‘identity’ through charismatic animals fusing with humans to create engaging hybrid figures. Many of the central subjects are birds, which have a special place in both the history and modern-day life of Aotearoa, New Zealand. The warrior aspect of many pieces reflects the fight that we all must undertake to break our own self-limiting beliefs. These works are a metaphor, mirroring Novak’s career and life journey.

“I believe there’s this flawed human tendency for us to label (and thereby limit) not only ourselves but also others. I’m rejecting this by combining both visual art and medical careers. The primary question being, how do we honour our authentic inner self? A calling to create can be both strong and fulfilling.”

Novak considers himself a true ‘Hybrid’ - geek first, artist second, and (part-time) doctor third. Begun in 2009, this series rose out of an attempt to be defined by more than his first career. Through uncanny juxtaposition, he wants to convey the complexity of our identities. Are we just one ‘thing’? A Mother, a father, an accountant, a businesswoman?

Defined by something that we do? Why do we put others (and ourselves) in restrictive little boxes? 

“I am grateful for this opportunity to challenge stereotypes. Both my artwork and practice, I believe, reflect the depth that can come from growing into our own skin”. – Brad Novak




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