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Brad Novak is an urban-pop-artist whose work sits sharply at the nexus between fine art and street art. His preferred techniques include collage and spray paint set upon a background of self-selected street and popular culture imagery. 

Well known for his 'Digital Dilemma' and 'Hybrid' themes, floral works might not at first seem like a natural fit within Novak's oeuvre. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Novak initially painted flora in a minimalist style back in 2003-06. Shortly thereafter, he adopted the New Blood Pop moniker and began his foray into urban pop art. 

More recently (circa late 2019), Novak photographed flowers in his Auckland studio and created a 'study' featuring three red roses in a French vase, which inspired this newest body of work.


"Flowers and plants, such as the tropical monstera leaf, Japanese blossom, and Van Gogh's Sunflowers, have been a consistently running thread throughout my work… often in the background or as an embellishment. But this time, flora will once again take centre stage!"– Brad Novak

Novak extends his relationship with Van Gogh (he counts five versions of 'Sunflowers' seen in the flesh over the years) by reinterpreting these masterpieces into modern-day urban-art still-lifes. 


"I see these new works as portraiture. Still-life's, yes, but also portraiture. There's a personal connection with my father, John Novak (deceased), being a lover of gardening, plant life and, in particular, roses. Life is beautiful, and impermanence is part of what makes it so special. My wish is that others will connect with my contemporary take on this classical genre!" – Brad Novak

In 2022, Novak held a solo show with the coveted Vertical Gallery in Chicago, USA. He was also chosen by NZ's premiere painter, Michael Smither, to join him in a 2-person portraiture show in New Zealand.

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