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New Blood Pop Crushes Art Exhibition

Updated: Jan 16

Brad Novak discusses his thoughts on the recently held 'Art in The Park' in Auckland, NZ:

Several years ago, Cary, from Flagstaff Gallery in Devonport, secretly told me about a huge show she was planning. Fast forward in time, and I was honoured to be the first artist taken through the empty exhibition space prior to the inaugural event. We both shared a moment of excitement and promise for what the future could bring!

Much like an artist staring at a blank canvas, Cary was faced with a blank (empty) room. That same space was recently flourishing for the 3rd time with the works, and buzz, from over 100 artists bravely showcasing their inner world to those of you with a reciprocal desire to engage.

For me, this was a wonderful opportunity to engage with others about own experiences, their response to my work, but also to discuss the reasons I create… or the reasons I created each piece... or placed a specific symbol or subject within a work! None of which are random or simply ‘following the current trend’.

Despite being self-defined as an ‘urban pop artist’ (since I took on the New Blood Pop moniker in 2008), my works are deeply personal, convey meanings around the subjective nature of identity, the issues with an ever-increasing technological age, and what it means to ‘never grow up’… and much much more!

The show was a huge hit for me personally, selling a high number of works (vastly exceeding expectations), and it was satisfying to receive so many kind words of encouragement from collectors both 'old and new'.

Hadley Novak (aged 11 years) holding a limited edition screenprint featuring her dancing at age 3.

Special thanks to Christine Rabarts Art Dealer for her expert assistance at my booth and she, Glenn Taylor and Jason Heather for their help with logistics.

Opinions vary as to whether artists should solely show through galleries or also take opportunities offered to them through massive group shows such as this. For me, the chance to engage with so many people over such a concentrated period is one that I don’t take for granted.

To finish, I’m keen to hear your thoughts about any of the above. Comment or feel free to message me directly. I’m always up for a conversation about art and life!

May the force be with you!!


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